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The Best Economical Ways to Protect Your Business with Fencing

The most cost-effective security fence option comes down to a short list of questions: rent or buy, short or tall, sturdy or flexible, practical or decorative, and smooth or razor-sharp. Use this guide to find the right fence at the right price.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Save Money on Security Fencing

security fence chain link with razor wire

Rent or Buy

Rental fences are available in almost every shape and size for between 1 day and 1 year. Renting is cost-effective for short-term needs, such as construction and event security. If you need the fence for more than 10 months, ask us for a price comparison between renting and buying.

Short or Tall

No matter the material, shorter fences are always cheaper. Tall fences are a necessity to keep animals (such as dogs and deer) out of an area. If a fence is simply being used to discourage trespassing or to supplement existing security, a 4-foot fence may be plenty. Let us know your security priorities in order to determine your minimum fence height.

Sturdy or Flexible

Our strongest, sturdiest fences are rated for federal prisons. These reinforced iron structures are designed to be extremely tough to climb, and nearly impossible to knock over, even with a motor vehicle. The majority of chain link fences, however, are light and somewhat malleable. This lighter model will save you money if sturdiness is not a priority.

Practical or Decorative

If the image of your fence is important, consider the majestic beauty of a wrought iron fence. While not the cheapest option, they are a wonderful sight to behold. If image is still important but wrought iron is not in the budget, consider a black vinyl-coated fence.

Smooth or Razor-Sharp

Nothing turns away would-be trespassers like razor wire. Not all security situations call for this product, but it’s an affordable deterrent against compared to other options. To save money on security, consider whether to have razor wire running across the top of your fence.


Depending on the situation, you may save more by renting or buying. The cost will vary based on the height, material, and design of your fence. Call today at (702) 733-7827 to determine the best affordable fence for your needs.