The Best Economical Ways to Protect Your Business with Fencing

The most cost-effective security fence option comes down to a short list of questions: rent or buy, short or tall, sturdy or flexible, practical or decorative, and smooth or razor-sharp. Use this guide to find the right fence at the right price.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Save Money on Security Fencing

security fence chain link with razor wire

Rent or Buy

Rental fences are available in almost every shape and size for between 1 day and 1 year. Renting is cost-effective for short-term needs, such as construction and event security. If you need the fence for more than 10 months, ask us for a price comparison between renting and buying.

Short or Tall

No matter the material, shorter fences are always cheaper. Tall fences are a necessity to keep animals (such as dogs and deer) out of an area. If a fence is simply being used to discourage trespassing or to supplement existing security, a 4-foot fence may be plenty. Let us know your security priorities in order to determine your minimum fence height.

Sturdy or Flexible

Our strongest, sturdiest fences are rated for federal prisons. These reinforced iron structures are designed to be extremely tough to climb, and nearly impossible to knock over, even with a motor vehicle. The majority of chain link fences, however, are light and somewhat malleable. This lighter model will save you money if sturdiness is not a priority.

Practical or Decorative

If the image of your fence is important, consider the majestic beauty of a wrought iron fence. While not the cheapest option, they are a wonderful sight to behold. If image is still important but wrought iron is not in the budget, consider a black vinyl-coated fence.

Smooth or Razor-Sharp

Nothing turns away would-be trespassers like razor wire. Not all security situations call for this product, but it’s an affordable deterrent against compared to other options. To save money on security, consider whether to have razor wire running across the top of your fence.


Depending on the situation, you may save more by renting or buying. The cost will vary based on the height, material, and design of your fence. Call today at (702) 733-7827 to determine the best affordable fence for your needs.

Wrought Iron Fences Around the World

With evidence of wrought iron dating back to 400 BC in ancient China, the art of iron welding, shaping, and weaving has evolved over the centuries to become a modern, practical art. A well kept iron fence can last for centuries. Come with us an a tour around the world to see the different styles and techniques of wrought iron.

Styles of Wrought Iron Fences and Gates

Iron Shaping

Using traditional blacksmithing methods or newer mechanized techniques, iron can be teased into any 2D or 3D geometric shape. These orbs are organized in a subtle alternating pattern, creating a mesmerizing effect.

Custom Design

With numerous tools and techniques at our disposal, any design is at our fingertips. This garden fence is a romantic twist to traditional Medieval fences. The pointed tips, which once represented danger, now symbolize Cupid’s arrow. Wrought iron is the perfect medium for abstract and symbolic art.

Molding and Casting

This decorative fence lines the Krasnooktiabskii Bridge in St. Petersburg.The complex pattern is constructed from a few basic molds welded together with ease. This is one of the simplest forms of wrought iron to date.

Expert Technique

This is the fence bordering the Gardner-Pingree House, an icon of western architecture. Built in 1804, it was immortalized in history as a national landmark. Each piece took time and patience to construct but has lasted beautifully through the years.

Plasma Cutting

This gate in Belfast, Northern Ireland is a tribute to the local airport and train station. Custom designed and plasma-cut pieces are a modern addition to the ancient art of wrought iron. The same technique can be used to construct playful park fences and unique door handles.

Puddled Iron

Little-known fact: The Eiffel Tower is constructed primarily of wrought iron. Weighing a total of 10,000 tonnes, 6,200 tonnes are puddled wrought iron. At the time, the Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world, and there was significant opposition to its being built. The three architects felt the webbed construction offered the best defense against the wind, which might otherwise cause it to collapse.  

Through welding, plasma cutting, shaping, weaving, powder coating, and antiquating, we can build a wrought iron fence of any design. Please contact us to find the gorgeous wrought iron style for your budget.

Event Organization Tips: The Rental Fence

Something as simple as a well-placed fence can make or break a successful event. Event organizers learn the hard way that over-preparation is the best preparation.

Uses for a Rental Fence at Your Event

Corral Your Beer Garden

How do you keep the drinks in and the young ones out?

Set up a barrier that can’t be stumbled over.

The best way to protect your alcohol license is to control the flow in and out of your bar, having only one entrance and one designated exit. Setting up a clear boundary will also limit confusion and improve the customer experience.

Distinguish Your VIP Section

What kind of VIP section lets the “riff-raff” in?

General admission.

Your VIPs should feel special. Forking over the extra ticket price should make them feel like royalty, at least for the night. Make sure the VIP space is just for them.

Set a Boundary Around Your Event

What’s cheaper, buying a ticket or sneaking over the fence?

You already know the answer.

If your event is charging admission, make sure your customers don’t feel cheated by others sneaking in. Select a sturdy, pleasant-looking fence to mark the property bounds.

Weather-Proof Your Admission Line

What gets knocked over in the wind and torn apart in the rain?

Not our fences.

Red theater rope is luxurious and beautiful but doesn’t fare well outdoors. Stanchions are more weather-resistant but tempting for kids to mess with. A fence is an elegant solution that can handle the elements.

Set Bounds to Your Off-Leash Area

What happens when unleashed dogs find a hot dog stand?

Adorable chaos.

If you are expecting a lot of dogs at your event, a zone where the pups can run free will win the owners’ hearts.

Wall off Your Employees Only Area

What do you get when a troublemaker sneaks past your “employees only” sign?

Free labor.

If there are portions of the property that are off-limits, don’t count on a sign to keep the visitors out. Someone at some point during the event is going to barge in.

Buffer Your Play Zone

What looks like a toy to a small child?


Whether the play zone is a series of carnival rides or an open field for ball games, a fence is an apt safety precaution. It also gives parents a designated play zone where the kids can run wild.

Wall Off Your Exhibits

What do you get when you put your play zone next to your exhibits?

A broken exhibit.

While it is a well-known rule not to touch exhibits at the museum, that rule is less well known at county fairs and oddity shops. If there is something that is for looking at and not touching, a fence will save you a lot of grief.

A Red Star rental fence is sturdy, reliable, and easy on the eyes. Give us a call and we will take care of installation and takedown.